Fhacktions is a mobile MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) integrated with geolocalization. Players take role of hackers in a dystopian future, who must take servers to seize commerce and production resources.

Players must walk around the city and find the virtual servers installed around different points in the city. To hack said servers, one must send avatars into an arena to take over 5 checkpoints in the area. Up to 10 players can take part in battles through their avatars.

The game promps the users to establish factions to coordinate group strategies. Planning, skills and teamwork are rewarded with power and control over rivals.


Fhacktions is set in a nearby future. Corporations fused into gigantic trade blocs and managed to electronically control all commerce and production processes. This increased the gap between social classes to an unsustainable point.

Following this, a group of anarchist hackers launched a massive attack to the global networks, desconnecting all nodes and isolating entire regions. This returned human society to a point akin the Stone Age.  Most social differences were greatly minimized in this state of anarchy, making all mankind virtually equal. In this new world, whoever manages to take over the servers has full control on the production, management and distribution of goods and services.

To survive, most people were forced to became hackers. Unavoidably, they started to build groups denominated factions. These continuously face each other over the servers, which give access to the limited resources of this new world.


Fhacktions rewards players’ hard work and skillfullness. Throughout the game, hackers learn different battle strategies and receive experience to upgrade their avatars. And while lone wolves will certainly enjoy the game, it is only through teamwork that players are able to enjoy the best of the game’s mechanics.

Fhacktions encourages players to join factions, bestowing great rewards to the ones that positively contribute the most to their team. Battles become far more entertaining and complex as the teams better coordinate their strategies.



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