In Conquest mode, hackers must visit real-world locations and interact with virtual servers positioned in noteworthy spots in the city.

When the player interacts with a server, they are given the option to access a battle arena with 5 checkpoints through an avatar. The player must nullify each checkpoint’s defenses to hack them.

Each server gives a set ammount of Computing Power (CP) and generates Virtcoints (VC) for the player.

Faction members share their servers, including the CP and VC they produce.

If a hacker or faction owns a server, they can defend it from subsequent attacks from any location. Up to 10 hackers can battle for a server simultaneously.

There are also special servers called “premium”. These give points to compete in different events created by Fhacktions. The main official competition is found in social media under #UrbanHackers.

Access the Geo-Scanner to find all the servers available around your city.

Check the rankings for the best factions and hackers in Fhacktions.