An avatar specialized in melee attacks. Causes devastating damage and obliterates any threats on his way. Think twice before going alone against a Striker.

Its most important stats are Strength and Endurance.


The Striker abilities were designed for one purpose only: to inflict high damage fast and effectively before the enemy has any chance to escape.


Support avatar. Designed to keep the team alive, recovering their health, protecting them in several ways, reducing the damage received or amplifying the damage dealt to enemies among other defensive options. It uses aura to both heal and cause damage.

Its main stats are Speed and AI (Artificial Intelligence).


The Fixers’ abilities pushes the limits of software engineering. Her particular set of skills can heal teammates, neutralize enemies’ abilities, repel attacks and boost allies among many other defensive tools.


The Gunner is an army of one, specialized in long range combat. His arsenal of weapons will eliminate the enemy before they can get near it. This avatar excels both at attacking and defending.

Primary stats: Speed and Piercing.


The Gunner abilities were designed to gradually cause damage to enemies at long to mid distance. They are diverse and are good for either crowd control or one on one battles.